Helping volunteer firefighters
save lives and then go home

Today’s Reality

Volunteer firefighters have families, homes and full-time jobs. Yet when the pagers sound, they respond knowing their own lives may be in danger.

It is not unusual for volunteer firefighters - who are not paid - to take money from their own pockets to pay for fuel, vehicle maintenance and repair, and supplies.

The complexity of today’s industry and climate change has pushed the need for new technology, specialized training and self-preservation for firefighting and rescue.

All Unpaid and Not Reimbursed

What Do They Need?


Trucks cost




FunSaturday’s purpose is to help volunteer fire departments to develop best practices for acquiring contributions. We provide assistance with grant-writing, fundraising and finding new sources of contributions.

There is no cost for the volunteer fire departments to use FunSaturday services.

FunSaturday is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

We’re not here for a job. It’s neighbors helping neighbors. Large departments don’t know the people or whose house is burning. If we didn’t do it, who would?

Jeremy Karr

Chief , Preston Texas Fire & EMS

What is a Volunteer Fire Department?


When I volunteered for my employer’s volunteer fire brigade I experienced  the feeling of helping. The feeling of helping – it pulls on you. I joined the local volunteer department and  enjoy it. That’s why I do it.

Lee Fowler

Asst. Chief , Water Valley Texas VFD

Volunteer Fire Departments are typically located in rural places which gives their volunteers special challenges. They rely on local donations and are often supported personally by the firefighters themselves.

How Well Can you Guess What VFD’s Do?


Liability Statement

I, the undersigned, understand that the described activities above and here-in called “Red River Valley Motorcycle Ride” refers to the actual event and ride benefiting volunteer fire departments, and those individuals and groups organizing, sponsoring, volunteering, or otherwise connected with the production of these events.
The RIDE involves motorcycle activities which can be a HAZARDOUS activity. There are many dangers and risks associated with motorcycles including, but not limited to, injury or death resulting from collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other fixed or moving objects; dangers arising from surface hazards such as potholes or poor road conditions; equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, conditions stemming from weather, the negligence of myself or others, and trauma or injury arising from the stresses caused by physical exertion.
I understand that the RIDE activity is conducted over public roads upon which the hazards of traveling are to be expected. I acknowledge that the RIDE has no responsibility for the condition or maintenance of the roads or facilities upon which the RIDE activity will be conducted. I agree to accept responsibility for the condition of my motorcycle and I take full responsibility to wear or not wear a DOT approved helmet during the RIDE and do so in accordance with current law. I have adequate liability insurance for myself and my passenger as required by current motor vehicle operation laws.
I agree, as a consideration of, and in consideration for, being allowed to participate in the RIDE activity, to freely and expressly assume all risks of injury or death to me, or property loss or damage, including injury, death, loss or damage attributable to the negligence of the RIDE and the spouses, promoters or affiliated organizations, and their respective agents, directors, officers, volunteers and employees (the Released Parties).
Me, my executors, or my heirs on my behalf, I agree to pay the Released Parties costs and attorneys fees if they successfully defend such action, lawsuit or litigation.
If I am injured or become ill, I give permission for transportation to any medical facility and/or hospital and I consent to and authorize the provision of emergency first aid or medical treatment. I agree to be solely responsible for any costs related to such first aid or treatment.
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I also agree to release and forever discharge the Released Parties from any and all responsibility or liability for all injuries or damages that result, either directly or otherwise, from my participation in or attendance at the RIDE activity. I agree not to make a claim against or sue the Released Parties for injuries or damages relating to the RIDE activity. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties for all expenses incurred due to my participation in the RIDE activity, including medical and legal or other expenses. As liquidated damages, I hereby agree that if any of the Released Parties are forced to defend any action, lawsuit or litigation by
I, THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS ASSUMPTION OF RISK, RELEASE OF LIABILITY, COVENANT NOT TO SUE, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT (Release). I FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO ITS CONTENTS. Further, I represent that all information on this registration form is true and accurate and assume full liability for any errors or omissions. By electronic transmission, you agree to be held to all of this agreement by both you and/or your passenger.